Christmas Sale Update – Worm Mutiny!

Say it ain't so!

I have a really important update for all those thinking about buying Red Worms (from me) in the next little while. My worms have informed me that they are starting their Christmas holidays early this year, and after this week won’t be available for sale until the New Year (I guess Red Worms need a break every now and again too!). SO, you’ll need to get your orders in by 3 pm EST on Saturday December 6th if you want Red Worms in 2008. Unfortunately we can’t arrange for any delayed shipments after the week of December 8th (eg ordering now and getting the worms shipped during the week of the 15th etc).

I’m still in negotiations with the European Nightcrawler union boss – things are looking more promising on that front – who knows…perhaps we might even be able to organize a Euro sale! I’ll keep you posted.

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