Jack Chambers on PBS

Jack Chambers

I recently received an email from Courtenay Vanderbilt, who is helping to spread the word about an upcoming show featuring one of RWC’s “Worm Friends”, Jack Chambers (be sure to check out the Interviews Page, where you will find my five-part interview with him – assuming you don’t know Jack! LoL, sorry I couldn’t resist!).

Jack will be featured in an episode of the show called “Growing a Greener World”, which will air on July 31st on PBS. If it doesn’t happen to air in your area, you can watch the episode online on August 1st on the Growing a Greener World website.

I was pleasantly surprised to also see some other familiar faces when I visited the GGW website! Patti “Garden Girl” Moreno has been an online pal for a few years now, ever since I wrote some blog posts (on another website) about her fantastic Garden Girl videos – she has certainly come a long way since then! I don’t know “Joe Gardener” (Joe Lamp’l) quite as well, but I have had some friendly exchanges with him in the past. Very nice guy (as is Jack Chambers! In fact, this is just generally a really nice group of people! Watch the show!!! haha)!

This sounds really cool, and I’ll be writing a note for myself so I don’t miss it!

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    • LARRY D.
    • July 31, 2010

    Hey Bentley.Do you have any more interviews planned with some of the seasoned worm buds.Say someone like Will Allen or Amy Youngs.I got the feeling i could “kick it” with Jack Chambers for two days straight,and not talk about the same thing twice.Even with lack of sleep.These are some cool people.And i wish i could meet them one day.

    • Bentley
    • August 1, 2010

    Hi Larry,
    I DO indeed! Can’t promise a Will Allen interview, but should hopefully have some other interesting ones nevertheless. Amy Youngs would be a great person for sure, and we’ve been in contact previously so perhaps she would be game!

  1. Great episode. Thanks Jack for taking the time to share Sonoma Valley Worms with us.

    • Anna
    • August 2, 2010

    That was great. Thanks for letting us know, Bentley.

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