10 Worm Challenge 2020 – Day 22

I cannot believe how fast the month of January has flown by!

I did a super quick assessment on Day 7 of this new 10 worm reboot (didn’t post about that), and found zero cocoons in all tubs. Tub #1 had 7 adults and 1 juvenile (likely stuck to an adult that was added and I didn’t spot it). Tub #2 had 9 adults. Tub #3 had 6 adults.

The coarsely shredded cardboard bedding didn’t seem like it was working all that great as a sole habitat material, so I decided to add a potting soil mix – mentioned in my first castings experiment post – down at the bottom.

NOTE: The soil mix had been created by mixing a small amount of poultry feed with a safe potting soil mix (no fertilizers in it), moistening, then leaving to sit for a period of time

Today (Day 22) almost all the worms I found were down in this potting soil zone. It was another very quick assessment – I really just wanted to see how many adults are left, and get a feel for cocoon abundance and overall habitat conditions.

What’s funny is I found 10 adults + the same little juvenile in Tub #1 today. If I can manage to miss 3 adult worms (Day 7 assessment), it’s pretty safe to say that my quick checkups shouldn’t be taken too seriously! On that note, let me now say that I only found 3 cocoons in Tub #1! Will come back to this.

Tub #2 still had 9 adults. I found 7 cocoons in that one.

In Tub #3 I found 5 adults and 12 cocoons (go figure! lol).

There was still evidence of tea bags in all of the tubs – and I am definitely starting to wonder about their food value. I have been aging a nice, rich habitat mix for the last little while (see image below) so I decided to add a few small handfuls of that to each system, along with some water to boost moisture content and overall habitat quality.

While my super quick assessment today was far from a proper cocoon count, I will admit to being pretty surprised by how few seemed to be in the systems – especially once I realized it was Day 22! lol

Even if it was only 5 worms per bin and they dropped 1-2 cocoon each per week (the “ideal” number is more like 3 each) we should expect to see 15-30 cocoons. My comment earlier about literally missing 3 WORMS last time should make it safe to say I absolutely missed some cocoons today – lol – but I still would have expected to see more.

Pretty funny, also, that it was literally the 5 worm tub that seemed to have the most cocoons by far (and 10 + 1 worm tub that had fewest).

That said, this only makes things more interesting! With the new habitat mixed in now I am really keen to see where things go from here, and I definitely plan to do proper, thorough counts at some point.

Speaking of the new habitat mix – I am also planning to start up some new test tubs using that and maybe a small additional amount of food (but no tea bags lol). Will be interesting to see how they compare.

Stay tuned!

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