Castings, Tea, Alfalfa Growth – Day 7

Last week I started a new experiment to compare the growth of alfalfa in amended and non-amended soil. I wrote my first post earlier this week (“Impact of Castings & Tea on Alfalfa Growth“).

The four treatments are: 1) Water & soil, 2) Liquid (Organic) Fertilizer & Soil, 3) Castings & Soil, 4) Liquid castings extract & soil.

As mentioned in my first post (linked above), most of the alfalfa seeds in all four treatments had sprouted by Day 3 – and there didn’t seem to be much in the way of obvious differences as far as germination rates or overall success (# seeds germinating) goes.

Since then, my one challenge has been trying to find locations in the house with a decent amount of light. Unfortunately, I don’t have any grow lights at the moment. And natural light options during the day are surprisingly limited (especially given the number of dull, overcast days we seem to be having so far this year).

But the show must go on!

Limitations aside, things are coming along in the pots – and I am now actually starting to see some differences between treatments. Unfortunately the photo below isn’t a great illustration of this, but the castings treatment and tea treatment do actually seem to be pulling ahead.

The liquid fertilizer treatment plants (surprisingly) seem to be the smallest of the bunch (yep, even smaller than plain water). I’m not thinking too much about this one, though. It is pretty old stuff, and like I said last time, the treatment pot is smaller than the rest so the plants aren’t as close to the light etc.

Here is a closer view of the liquid fertilizer treatment for what it’s worth.

I am definitely interested to see how things look by next week.

Stay tuned!

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