Compost Bin Potatoes

Last year I wrote about the tomatoes that started growing out of my big outdoor worm bin. Well, this year it seems that another member of the Solanaceae family has decided to make its presence known – that’s right, I’ve got a potato plant growing out of my composter! Just for fun I also planted a tomato seedling in the side of the bin, and some others right beside the bin in the soil. I had a lot of fun with my compost bin tomatoes last year, so I thought it would be fun to help them along this year, after it became obvious that they weren’t going to spring up on their own (unlike last year).

The difference this year however is the fact that I cut myself a compost door (will write about that in another post) and have been taking full advantage of the ample quantities of fantastic worm compost in the bottom of the bin. Unfortunately this is not going to help my compost bin plants out at all – it is only a matter of time before the contents of the bin settles down, likely taking much of the plants’ root systems with it.

As you can see in the picture to the right, I’ve already exposed some small potatoes while removing worm compost, and there isn’t much I can do about it if I want to continue taking advantage of this great material.

Oh well! I have lots of other cool in situ vermicomposting projects on the go this year, and I’ll tell you all about them very soon!

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