Lasagna Gardening-07-18-11

It’s been nearly a month since my last lasagna gardening update, so I figured it might not be a bad idea to let everyone know what’s going on with the project. Conditions have been extremely dry this summer – it’s finally raining today, but it’s probably been at least a month since our last decent rain fall – so I finally smartened up and put a nice layer of straw over the lasagna bed a little while back. It’s amazing how much of a difference this can make in terms of water conservation. I’ve still needed to water these summer squash plants fairly regularly, but considering their large size, they been holding up very well (not wilting all that much) during some serious sunny “heat wave” weather.

One thing I STILL haven’t done, though, is add food waste! The only thing (apart from what’s already in the bed) these plants have been receiving is vermicompost, which seems to be helping them along quite nicely. Both plants are producing squash (one is “Italian Ribbed Zucchini”, the other is “Vegetable Marrow Squash”), and we’ve enjoyed some of them on the BBQ already.

Apart from adding some more waste materials to this bed, I also want to see how the worm population is doing. In general, all this hot dry weather hasn’t exactly been ideal for my worm beds, so it will be interesting to see if they are faring better in this garden bed (where moisture levels may be somewhat higher).

Anyway – that’s basically it for now. Will provide another update again before too long!

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    • Anna
    • July 18, 2011

    You’ve gotten zucchini already!!! I’m green with envy. I have beautiful zucchini plants with lots of male blossoms–not a female to be found.

    • joe
    • July 19, 2011

    Cool website!

    • Bentley
    • July 21, 2011

    Not to worry, Anna! I’m sure you’ll be up to your eyeballs in zucchinis (and cursing the day your planted them – haha) before you know it!

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