Walking Windrow Pumpkin Patch?

It’s been nearly 4 months since my last walking windrow update – which is NO indication of how important this system has been for me in 2019.

It has completely exceeded my expectations. The windrow has provided a steady supply of Red Worms for my business this season, and there is now a LOT of rich vermicompost at the starting end that is ready for harvesting/screening.

I wasn’t able to get out to the project site much in July. Before this week, the last time I was there I noticed some small pumpkin plants sprouting up (not too surprising given all the pumpkin waste I tossed in last fall).

Me being me, I just left them be. {cue Beetle’s song}

A walking windrow is not typically intended to serve the same purpose as a garden-integrated vermicomposting trench – but I couldn’t resist seeing what would happen.

Still, I was pretty blown away when I arrived yesterday and found a massive growth of pumpkin foliage taking over the rear end of the bed! (I promise the picture above doesn’t do it justice)

Gotta love worm power! Can’t wait to see how things develop from here.

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