Crazy Q&A Podcasts – Session #8

This is a somewhat shorter “Crazy Q&A”. As you’ll hear (if you listen), I’ve got a cold (a “man cold” according to my wife! lol), plus I actually came to the end of my current list of questions! Don’t worry – still lots more written down elsewhere.

Today’s Topics

– Marketing “worm poop”
– Periodic mass-migration of Red Worms
– “Hybrid” worms revisited
– Mites!!!
– Goat poop and fire ants
– Using a Worm Factory outdoors in Florida
– Best system for Kansas weather extremes
– Feeding the worms poisonous plants
– Do I need to worry about rats?

Resources Mentioned
Fighting Fire with Fire – Larry Torches Fire Ants

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  1. Did I hear my name? I kept that flow thru for a year. In the harvest chamber I had a fan that would pressurize the bin; air would be forced up through the bed to keep it cool. Kansas weather can be extreme: heat, cold, and sustained winds. In my front yard we have some annuals that are in pots. Inside of all these 16 inch pots are a plant and redworms, these pots are mini worm bins. We have had them outside for 3-4 years. Heat snow, cold, wind, drought, hail, and tornados the worms have always survived and repopulated. I have had as many as 4 plastic bins in my house at one time over winter, I was very careful on some of the bad bin issues. However, this past fall I decided to empty out my bins and start brand new. I had an explosion of gnats and the bin had to go into the garage, I have a lot of support from my spouse (which was earned) but, the gnats were a lot to put up so, out they went.
    If I had to choose an indoor system, I would go with the Worm Inn. I don’t own one but, from all the stuff I’ve read, I think it is a good choice. A Worm Inn is my next choice for a flow through.

  2. On the rats i have no idea how many specie live in the U.S.? What i do know is i have a large type that likes living in trees.They even eat grapefruit.But while my daughter was in the hospital i noticed something was raking around in my bins.Turned out the rats love worms more than what you are feeding the bin.I tried those large black rat traps and the rats could pull their heads out! After having already had rats eat the wiring in a car as well as eat a hole through that black plastic that goes to your air filter and make a nest i wound up putting some rat poison in a couple five gallon buckets with lids and holes drilled in the sides big enough for a rat. If my wife ever saw rats jumping out of a worm bin i may have a hard time keeping the worms.

    • Julie
    • February 13, 2013

    Can worms tolerate jalapeño peppers?

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