Larry’s Worm Inn – Part I

My good friend, Larry “Garbage Guru” Duke shared his new YouTube video with me this past weekend. It seems he has started his own fun Worm Inn experiment!

Just seeing Larry back in (vermicomposting) action again is great – but having him start a Worm Inn project is extra fun since I’ve been missing my “Worm Inn Journal” series here on the blog. As you may or may not recall, I decided to take down my own Inn prior to setting up “The Beast” (my VB48) down in the basement (only so much room for vermicomposting systems, unfortunately).

To make things interesting, Larry has added a small tub of “bait worms” (he found sitting on a bank of the Suwanee River in GA). Luckily they also happen to be composting worms – specifically, Red Worms and Blue Worms.

Should be interesting to see how quickly the worms populate his system!

P.S. THANKS very much to Larry for the RWC mention at the end of the video! (that’s just the kinda guy he is)

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    • Sharon K
    • February 5, 2013

    Very interesting! My husband just found some wild PE in our outdoor compost pile that had been full of BSF over the summer. We got a little concerned about the blues after reading how they can “take over” other worm habitats so we don’t even have them in the same room as our ANC, EF and European NC. Will be interested in how this experiment turns out.

  1. We been having some real mild weather.So the PE may make it in the “Worm inn” outdoors this winter.May start another one come spring using only PE since most either already have EF and EH already pretty much covered using the Inn.
    Had a tough time losing my dad.But i know he wouldn’t want me to quit experimenting with worms.

    • Sharon K
    • February 7, 2013

    Larry, I’m sorry to hear about your father, I know its hard to lose a parent, my mom passed away 4-1/2 years ago. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but it will get better.

    I was just wanted to say I liked your “vibraing vc harvestor” on youtube. I also found this one which is cool too by about $2500 which is probably not too bad cost wise compared to some commercial harvestors.

    • Deoxy
    • February 28, 2013

    I’m ready for an update, Larry! I have a Guansanito worm bin that is chugging along, and has for 2 years, but it is largely overtaken by PE. It’s ok; the bin is inside & no mass escapes. I was pondering getting a worm inn and moving the PE dominated population to the Inn and restarting my Guansanito with a paper dominated diet + Euros. The PEs eat paper, but they don’t love it. I’m not worried about the Euros moving down: when it’s time to harvest I use the “turbo light” method to drive them down and out anyway. But I don’t really know if PEs will like the Inn–does it run too dry for anything other than EFs?

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