How Often Should I Spray My Worms?

Here is a question from Nicholas:

I was wondering about how many times should i spray down my worms per

Hi Nicholas
How many times you spray your system totally depends on the type of system you have. In all honesty, I very rarely spray down enclosed plastic bin systems since they retain moisture so well (a little TOO well in fact). The moisture released from the food wastes should be more than enough, and in fact it will inevitably start to pool in the bottom eventually (we are talking here about a ‘Rubbermaid’ type of tub with no drainage holes). This can be postponed for quite some time with the regular addition of dry, absorbent bedding however.

In an open system or one made with wood, you will most likely need to spray down periodically. I would recommend simply making sure conditions remain moist (not soaking wet) down below the surface. If you find the materials near the top drying out very quickly, you will likely be best to add water daily, or perhaps even more often. Worms love wet conditions, but they also need oxygen so it’s a bit of a delicate balancing act.

Anyway – hope this helps!

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