Doubling Down with UWB Euros

I recently found the missing piece from my other Urban Worm Bag stand, and figured what the hay – might be fun to get another one set up!

As the subject line suggests, I’ve decided to use Euros in this one as well (check out “Big Fat Euros in an Urban Worm Bag?” if you happened to miss my other recent Euro-UWB update). But this time around I have a slightly different idea.

People often wonder how well Red Worms and Euros work together in the same system. The answer is that they are perfectly fine together, BUTin my experience – the Red Worms will always manage to take over the system eventually.

So, what I thought I would try with this system is to first establish a thriving Euro population – and then to introduce a small number of Red Worms and see how things pan out over the long haul.

It is important to note right off the bat that this is one of the original Urban Worm Bag (1.0) models. So, instead of a fabric bag with toggles that hangs down, if the zippered pocket is left open, there is only the zippered pocket at the bottom.

First thing I did was jam as much shredded newsprint down in this pocket as I could! This will help to soak up excess moisture as it drips down. I have partially opened the zipper to help this zone air dry as much as possible.

Then, I added the rest of my typical UWB “false bottom” – multiple sheets of newsprint pressed up against the sides of the bag, with loose bedding materials added over top.

Next, I started adding materials from my European Nightcrawler bin – starting first with wet bedding materials, and then worm-rich habitat material.

I happened to have a bag of frozen food waste in the freezer, so I added that next…

…before covering over with a bit more rich earthy material from the Euro bin and of course a layer of cover bedding.

Similar to my other UWB, I’ve also added a plastic bag cover to help retain moisture. This is something I will be keeping a close eye on, though (by regularly monitoring the bedding down in the pocket). I clearly remember how much liquid drained out of the bottom of my first UWB system – and want to avoid that this time around.

For now I’ve left the lid partially open (again, just like my other UWB) to assist with air flow.

Should be a fun project – and I can’t wait to see how the Euros do in both of my UWB systems!
Stay tuned.

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