Willie’s Wonderful Wooden Worm Bin

Yesterday, a worm customer named Willie Lapin got in touch to tell me about a wooden worm bin he had built for his new ‘herd’.

When I saw the images, it was love at first sight – and I immediately asked him if it was ok for me to share his creation with others (you can guess how he responded).

In a lot of ways the bin is very similar to a VermBin24, but looks like it would be even easier to build, and might take up less room.

Willie tells me the frame was made with Redwood, to help slow decomposition, but the rest was made with leftover wood recovered from old pallets (kiln-dried, not chemically treated).

I love the air holes in the sides and lid…

…and the conduit floor bars!

These, combined with a relatively shallow composting zone, will certainly ensure excellent air flow – but he will likely need to keep a close eye on moisture content (especially if he plans to keep it outdoors during warm/dry weather).

Thanks again, Willie for allowing me to share this cool creation!

** UPDATE **

Since the time of publishing this blog post, Willie and I have continued our email exchange, and he shared some additional info and images.

Here is a spec sheet he shared, showing specific lengths and types of boards he used for the frame.
He estimates his total costs were about $70 USD (screws + redwood boards for frame + 1/2″ EMT conduit for floor – the pallet wood was free).

Willie also shared another cool DIY bin he built with Rubbermaid totes, this time for his neighbor Lisa (who also happens to be an RWC follower, interestingly enough). He estimates the cost of this one at about $90 USD – but most of that went into the wooden stand (which is totally optional.

NOTE: The top bin has no bottom at all and simply rests on the pipes in the second bin.

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    • Patty Schofield
    • October 28, 2020

    Willie’s W.W.Bin is intriguing! I have questions. What are the dimensions of the bin itself? Is there screen in the holes? And is the bin double-double walled? It almost looks it. Could be a space for insulation.

    • Bentley
    • October 28, 2020

    Hi Patty
    I have added an update with a spec sheet for the bin. Great question about the holes and wall, and great idea re: adding insulation of some sort. This would likely help with moisture retention as well – otherwise it might end up drying up too quickly.

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