The Elite Worm Breeding Course

Early last fall (2018), my good friend Larry Shier told me he had put together a course focused on serious worm breeding.

My initial thought – “Cool!”

And then he told me his planned price…$199* USD

My next thought, “Whoah!”

I’m not gonna lie – I thought he was a bit crazy to charge so much for a web-based worm farming training course.

But what’s funny is that if you asked me now, I’d say he’s not charging enough – and I’ll explain why a little further along.

Fast forward to November… and Larry invited me to check out the course: Elite Worm Breeding. I had just finished a launch of my own (for the Walking Windrow Project) so I had a bit more time to dig in.

I started with the private Facebook community for the group…and was pulled down the rabbit hole almost immediately! There was an “energy” in the group like nothing I’d witnessed before (and yet it had less than 30 members).

These were clearly people excited about what they had learned and – even more importantly – the results they were getting!

[Before the “official” launch, Larry had organized a “beta” group to test out the methods, provide feedback etc. So by the time I joined, many of them had already made it through one or more breeding cycles]

It almost seemed like half the posts were unsolicited testimonials!

Excitement and enthusiasm like this is contagious, and I could feel myself getting pretty excited too. Little did I realize all of this would end up being a sort of “missing link” for my own worm business (we’ll come back to this a bit further along).

Next, I checked out the member’s area and the guide. I was in a bit of a rush – and I’ll admit to finding myself a bit lost at times (trying to navigate around etc). But all the content I did check out was solid! Larry draws from a wide range of professional worm farming texts and resources, along with years of his own experience. The man definitely knows a thing or two about growing composting worms in a systematic manner!

As I discovered, he also has a gift for delivering exactly the information you need, quickly and in a clear/concise manner. This isn’t a course with lots of filler, and other bells and whistles to make it “look” fancy and high quality

What you see is what you get (should be Larry’s motto – he’s just that kinda guy! haha) – and what you get is top notch, actionable information that will get you results. Period!

This course is definitely NOT for everyone. Larry is clear about that, and I want to emphasize this as well.

If you are just starting out with worm composting, hoping to turn some of your kitchen scraps into worm castings – you definitely don’t need to sign up for Elite Worm Breeding.

The EWB Package is best suited for people…

  • Who are serious about starting up some form of worm farming business (or at least serious about producing lots of cocoons and worms)
  • Who are NOT afraid of hard work, and who have the time/focus to make things happen
  • Who have additional capital to invest in equipment/worms etc (you can start small for sure – but you’ll need to spend some money)
  • Who have at least enough space for a small operation (less space needed than most people think though)

And NOT well suited for people…

  • Who haven’t even started up their first worm bin
  • Who are looking for an “easy” and/or “fast” way to make lots of money
  • Who aren’t willing to put in the time/effort to learn and apply the recommended methods, or invest in the necessary supplies
  • Who just want to test it out to see if it works for them (in order to attract only the right type of people, Larry is offering NO refunds – and I don’t blame him! He does, however, offer a solid guarantee – if the methods don’t work for you, he will personally coach you 1 on 1)

In my humble opinion you also won’t get nearly as much from the program if you are not willing to use Facebook. The private FB discussion group is pure gold! (my suggestion would be to just create a “pen name” account and only use it for the group)

And this brings us back to why I now think Larry isn’t charging enough for this package!

It is far more than just a “course”. It is a training program and membership you will pay for once and then have permanent access to. Larry’s level of support is unparalleled in the industry – and he is very active in the discussion group as well.

Follow the methods outlined (and pay attention to the cool ideas being shared in the discussion group), and it won’t be challenging to earn back your investment!

And the best part…the quality of the resources will only improve with time! (All future updates etc are included at no extra charge)

As alluded to earlier, the systematic methods of the Elite program have already had a major impact on how I view my own “real world” worm business, and the steps I’m taking to prepare for the 2019 season. My “Worm Mix” selling approach has worked very well for me over the years, but I’ve been looking for ways to effectively systematize production and standardize the end product.

I now know that the answer lies in taking much more of an “Elite” approach.

I’ve already been doing a lot of testing relating to cocoon production (some of it shared here on the blog) – and the results have been incredibly promising. This only scratches the surface of where I am headed from here (as I type this in late Jan 2019).

[NOTE: I recommend signing up for the “Worm Business Starter Pack” to learn more about the Worm Mix approach and other small-scale worm farming methods, along with the various approaches I am testing out.]

*** FULL DISCLOSURE *** – I want to make it clear that I am an “affiliate” of the Elite Worm Breeding Package – meaning that if you sign-up under me (using one of my referral links), I will likely receive a commission. Rest assured, I always aim only to promote products I myself use and love – and this is definitely no exception! (Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions)

The good news is that I can even sweeten the deal for anyone to signs up on my recommendation.

-> There is a special discount code mentioned further down that gets you 20% off.
-> You will get access to a special e-mail list where I will share in much greater detail how I am adapting these methods for my own business.
-> Free access to the VB Series Plans Package
-> Personal mentorship/support – any additional support/guidance you need beyond what is already provided, don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

And likely more to be added to that list over time!

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to offer the highest level of support, Larry has decided to keep the numbers of new members quite low. Once he hits certain member caps, access to the program closes for a period of time (eg. as I type this he only has 14 spots remaining).

If you’ve been thinking about starting up a worm business venture – now is a great time to get started, and Larry’s Elite Breeding Course/Membership is a great resource to help you make it happen.

* I approached Larry about the possibility of securing a special discount for RWC followers/subscribers and he generously offered a 20% off code. For the sake of not having it passed around, I’m simply asking that you get in touch (put “Elite code” or something similar in subject line) and I will pass it along.


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