Grass Thatch Vermicomposting – Update

A couple of days ago I checked up on the bins I added my grass thatch + food waste mix to and was really impressed with how well everything was coming along. As I mention (and show) in the video, the worms have readily moved into the thatch-food zone (they actually did so almost immediately, as a quick check late last week revealed), and the bins smell great!

In all honesty, this makes me want to collect a LOT more thatch so I can have an ongoing supply readily available.

Before closing up the bins I decided to add a thick cover layer of thatch over top of the composting zone in each. I checked on the systems this morning and found quite a bit of fungal growth in the material (not a problem), a nice earthy smell, and loads of healthy Red Worms still working away in the thatch-food zone down below.

Can’t wait to see how things progress in these bins in the weeks ahead!

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