Non-Aerated Castings Tea – 4-13-18

This is a very quick update to let everyone know that I had to get rid of the bags in my amended tea treatment earlier this week. They just continued to stink more and more (yep even “sealed” inside ziplocks), to the point where I was concerned the smells would start wafting into the rest of the house.

Needless to say this “tea” was pretty foul stuff by that point, so I can only imagine what it might have been like by the time I got around to testing it for seed germination (etc). I think most of us can agree that it probably wouldn’t have been an ideal liquid fertilizer! lol

The other 3 (non-amended) teas are still perfectly fine (as expected), and I will be doing some testing with them sometime this spring for sure!
Stay tuned.

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    • Barb M.
    • April 13, 2018

    Non-aerated worm tea/leachate in open containers will not stink for a very long time–but anything organic in an airtight (pretty much) ziplock bag is going to stink after awhile. It’s growing anaerobically and will stink just like regular compost with no air, not to mention grow bad and/or dangerous organisms. Non-aerated leachate is in my collection bowls under my worm compost systems in the house all the time and it never smells. I’ll have to go back and read what you amended the spoiled ones with. I would have thought that even plain worm leachate would start to smell in airtight bags eventually though, though plastic bags are really airtight or you wouldn’t be able to smell things through them, even like onions in the fridge.

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