September 2013

2013 NCSU Vermiculture Conference – Early Bird Pricing

From Rhonda Sherman:

The Early Bird Registration Rate is ending on September 20…only a week away! Reserve your seat today by registering for NCSU’s 14th Vermiculture Conference.

New this year: register on-line and pay by credit card at

Click below in my autosignature to check out the speakers, agenda, where to stay, etc.

See you next month!

Rhonda Sherman
Extension Solid Waste Specialist
Biological & Agricultural Engineering
North Carolina State University

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Important Note for GMail-Using Subscribers

Hi everyone – this is NOT related to vermicomposting. Nevertheless, it is pretty important for all those of you who happen to use GMail and who are on the RWC e-mail list (or thinking about signing up).

Earlier in the summer, Google took it upon themselves to add a new “convenient” feature, referred to as “Inbox Tabs” to all GMail accounts. What this has meant is that ALL emails are now being grouped in one of three different “tabs” – Primary, Social, Promotions (note: some people may have “Updates” and “Forums” tabs activated as well).

The problem is that (more…)

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Will a Red Worm Population Double in 3 Months?

One bizarre vermicomposting “fact” that has been floating around for years, and taken seriously by many newbie vermicomposters, is this idea of expecting your Red Worms to double in number in 3 months (or “90 Days”). It seems like a fairly reasonable claim on the surface – but if you really sit down and crunch the numbers you’ll realize pretty quickly just how utterly ridiculous it is!

For starters – even regardless of any fun calculations you can make (something we’ll do in a minute) – it’s hugely important to remember that Red Worm reproduction and growth are both HIGHLY dependent on a wide range of different factors. Some of the most important include 1) temperature, 2) moisture content, 3) population size, 4) food value and overall availability.

But just for fun, let’s crunch the numbers anyway!

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Homemade Manure – 09-04-13

Last week I made quick mention of a “homemade manure” mix that I’ve been playing around with this summer. I thought it might be helpful if I dedicated a post to the topic since some of you may be interested in creating something similar.


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