September 2015

Tiny Tub Challenge – 9-17-15

Quick update on the “Tiny Tub Challenge” front for you.

After leaving my comfrey and cardboard systems to sit for about a week, I finally decided to add the contents of my two tiny tubs.

By this morning, the comfrey was looking (more…)

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“Composting” With Isopods?

Things are definitely winding down with this year’s vermigardening projects (hope to post a vermigardening “wrap-up” fairly soon) and I have been digging around in the beds and pulling apart some of the hay bales to take a look inside.

I’ve been happy to find some nice concentrations of Red Worms in the beds, but the big surprise for me has been the incredible densities of ispopods I’ve been finding as well. Not too surprisingly, the main concentrations tend to be in dryish zones where there usually aren’t all that many worms. Like springtails, ispods don’t seem to thrive in really wet habitats.

What’s really interesting is that in the zones of high isopod activity, I have also been finding (more…)

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Tiny Tub Challenge – 9-10-15

It’s been just over 5 months since my last “Tiny Tub Two Worm Challenge” update. According to my little experimental log book, April 8th (same day as last update) was the very last time I did anything with these bins (other than the occasional peek inside).

So, you can probably imagine my surprise when I checked on one of the “tiny tubs” recently, and found living Red Worms in it!

In light of this discovery, yesterday I decided to do a more thorough investigation.

What’s interesting is that even though (more…)

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The Two Acre Worm Farm – Update

Early in August I put together a podcast (and written version) featuring my response to “Tim S.”, who had written in with lots of interesting questions about the potential for setting up a worm farm and castings operation on a 2 acre plot of land.

You can find that blog post here: “2 Acre Low-Maintenance Castings & Bait Worm Operation?” (and I recommend going through it before proceeding with this post)

Well, it seems Tim really appreciated the response…but found that it led to even MORE questions about all of this!

I decided I should post the follow-up responses here as well. Below you will find Tim’s additional questions (in bold) along with my answers directly below each of them.


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