September 2017

Tea Bag Vermicomposting

I’ve always been a “coffee guy” (nothin quite like a nice cup of joe to start my morning off on the right foot), and almost never drank tea. But that has changed a lot recently, ever since developing a keen interest in green tea (and herbal teas).

This might sound a tad extreme (or not…I dunno), but I am currently up to 6 or 7 cups of the stuff, on average, each day (still drink a bit of coffee, but not as much). My wife usually has at least a couple of cups of herbal tea each day as well, and so – for the first time ever – I have found myself with a LOT of used tea bags on my hands!

Naturally, being the worm-head that I am, this got me thinking…(Uh oh! haha)

I started wondering what it would be like to (more…)

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Tiny Red Worm Rehab!

I recently wrote about my “ridiculously badly neglected worm bin“. As I mention in that post, I am very eager to “rescue” the poor (little) worms, and to test some things out in the process.

Not wanting to waste any time, I started both of my planned systems yesterday. Just so you know, the “tea bag vermicomposting system” will be discussed in another post.

What I am referring to as my “Tiny Worm Rehab” project is pretty basic – no real bells and whistles. I simply want to get a (more…)

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Super Simple Vermicomposting Planter – 9-28-17

It has been about a month and a half since my last “Super Simple Vermicomposting Planter” update. Although there is nothing earth-shattering going on, I’m happy to report that the plants have done quite well, all things considered (eg. very late start, fair bit of neglect on my part etc) .

What’s interesting is that not long after my last planter post, the weather started cooling off quite a bit, and I thought that was it for really nice plant (especially pumpkin) growing weather. But over the past couple of weeks (more…)

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The Tale of a Ridiculously Badly Neglected Worm Bin

It’s been ages since I last uploaded a video, and even quite some time since my last blog post, so when I recently checked on a very badly neglected worm bin and marveled at the resilience of these worms (for what seems like the “millionth” time – lol) it made me want to share this with you.

I have a couple of fun new projects planned for these poor worms (hopefully it will be like “Club Med” in comparison to what they have dealt with). I will tell you about those in a minute, but first I should provide you with a little backstory.

Back in October of 2015 after (more…)

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