April 2019

2 Euro Challenge – 4-29-19

NOTE: This post was started on April 29th but I didn’t manage to get it posted until May 1st

Crazy to think that it’s been nearly 3 MONTHS since my last “2 Euro Challenge” update, and more than 4 months since it got started (today is technically “Day 114”, but my fun projects – or at least the updates – tend to fall by the wayside a bit once the spring rush hits.

When I last checked on the situation (Day 34 – Feb 8th), I reported finding – aside from the two original adults – 26 cocoons and one tiny hatchling. Things have definitely continued to progress from there, that’s for sure – but we’ll come back to that in a minute.

Removing the plastic bag cover from my small bucket (last time I wrote about moving the worms from a yogurt container to a 1 gal pail), it was clear that the (more…)

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Curtis Windsor’s Trench Vermicomposting Project

I first “met” Curtis Windsor via his involvement in the new (as I type this) VermiGardening Facebook group.

Not long ago I came across a post he had put up about a pretty serious vermicomposting trench project he had launched.

Based on the description and the images shared, I was totally intrigued and I approached Curtis about the possibility of us putting something together for the blog. Thankfully, he was very enthusiastic about the idea, so here we are. ๐Ÿ™‚

Below you will find a Q&A session Curtis and I had (in bits and pieces) via email, along with some (more…)

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Benefits of Castings & Leachate โ€“ 4-11-19

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Measuring the Benefits of Castings & Leachate on Plant Growth
Benefits of Castings & Leachate โ€“ 4-10-19

Hello everyone,

The experiment has started! Today is day 0. This morning I prepared all my soils and put them in the pots. The initial plan was to have five soils and five pots of each with three seeds in each pot. But instead of assuming that I would have enough soil for everything, I should have measured it two weeks ago. In the end I had enough soil for 4 pots (and for the leachate part only 3 pots).

The good part is that we can (more…)

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Benefits of Castings & Leachate – 4-10-19

Previous Posts in Series
Measuring the Benefits of Castings & Leachate on Plant Growth

Hello everyone,

Myckel (from the Netherlands) here again. If you missed my first post you can read it by clicking the link above.

Itโ€™s been about two weeks since I prepared my soils. Now itโ€™s time to continue with starting the experiment. That will be tomorrow, because I will be preparing my seeds first. Seeds will often be put into some water for a day, so that they already can take up the water they need for germination, and get the biochemical processes started in the seed. This often results in a more uniform germination.

The seeds that I will be sowing are (more…)

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Walking Windrow Project – 7 Months In

It’s been a “sitting windrow” this past winter, but this baby is nearly ready to start walking again!

Back at the end of August (2018) I started what is easily my largest, most ambitious vermicomposting project to date. At the beginning of July, I had connected with the owner of a 100 acre country property not far from where I live, and he encouraged me to use some of his land to set up worm beds.

As exciting as the idea was – I suspected I would have my work cut out for me (spoiler alert – I DID)!

One of the main goals was to have a large supply of worm castings available for the 2019 growing season. They do a lot of gardening on the property, so I wanted to make sure they were getting something valuable from the arrangement. I knew it would be important to get the ball rolling…and to keep it rolling (at least slowly) during the cold months of winter.

I found a great site for the bed – one that was (more…)

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John Kohler vs The Urban Worm Bag

I’ve been a fan of John Kohler – creator/host of the wildly successful “Grow Your Greens” YouTube channel – for several years now. I wouldn’t say I’ve watched “a lot” of his videos – mostly because they tend to be very long – but any time I do, I tend to be drawn in by his contagious enthusiasm about gardening, composting, and various related topics.ย  I’ve been especially impressed by the amount of air time he gives to the topic of worm composting – and I have little doubt he has been responsible for a lot more people getting interested in this quirky field of endeavor.

With my positive thoughts about John out of the way (haha), (more…)

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