December 2020

The 20 Worm Project

It was around this time two years ago that I was in the middle of my “Tiny Tub” project – a series of experiments to see what sort of cocoon production I could achieve in small plastic containers (eg. sour cream and yogurt tubs). So, it seems only fitting that I’ve started a brand new project with a similar scope!

This time around I will still only use 20 worms as my starting population – but I’m giving them quite a bit more room to spread out in. I also plan to keep the systems running well beyond the usual 21 days (used for my tiny tubs).

Let’s just say I’m a wee bit obsessed with Red Worm population growth and leave it at that (for now)!

For the sake of keeping things manageable I am only setting up one (more…)

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Smallest Worm Bin – Day 50!

Time flies when you are having fun. It’s been well over a month since my last World’s Smallest Worm Bin update!

I checked on the system the other day and also realized that today was going to be “Day 50” (Day 0 was Oct. 30 in case you are curious). So, I figured it would be a great day for a blog update.

The good news is that in spite of the system receiving very little attention, things are coming along nicely. There was no sign of food, and the worms have clearly been working away on the shredded cardboard.

I was only able to find one (more…)

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Will’s Worms

I always love hearing about people turning their worm composting hobby into a business – even more so when the budding entrepreneurs happen to be kids! So, when WFA member, Kevin Hatanaka, mentioned (earlier in the fall) that his family worm business was mostly run by his young son and daughter I “demanded” that he tell me more!

Kevin happily obliged, providing me with the full write-up you’ll find below!

I started vermicomposting about 9 years ago because I like raising animals and growing plants. This was at least a few years before my kids were born. My first bin was a Rubbermaid tub and I still have it today. My first worms were Red Wigglers and I eventually expanded to 2 tubs.

Once I got married and we had our two kids–Alyssa, who is now 7, and Will, who is 5–the worms were largely neglected, but some survived nonetheless. When we moved to our current house in 2015, I consolidated my worms back into one tub, which was kept on the side of the house. About 2-3 years ago, the kids started to notice the worms and they would occasionally poke in the bedding and pull out worms to talk to them and play with them. Will would have “worm races” on the lids of the bins.

In October 2019, Will helped me build a second (more…)

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Vermicomposting Clothing

A topic I have written amount multiple times here – but something I still really haven’t tested out enough – is the use of biodegradable fabrics as worm bin bedding materials.

It just seems like a bedding with so much potential! These fabrics are soft, very absorbent, yet also support excellent air flow. They tend to break down very slowly, helping to maintain a quality worm habitat for longer.

And while maybe not as readily available as something like cardboard, most of us likely end up with an accumulation of old clothes and sheets that aren’t fit for donation.

Finding a dusty bag of my old clothes at my dad’s place a week or two ago, I finally decided enough is enough. It’s time to really test this out properly!

Right off the bat I should point out that (more…)

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