Stacking Bin Euros – 06-27-13

A very quick update for you on the “Stacking Bin Euros” front.

Ever since wasting little time adding my second tray to this system I have been letting it mellow out a fair bit. I’ve added some food and water – but for the most part it has simply sat as-is.

Earlier in the week I did add some of my wood pellets, along with some cut up cucumber. I thought the pellets – once converted to sawdust – might work really well to fill the gaps between the bulky pieces of shredded cardboard, and help to improve the overall water holding capacity of the bedding in the upper tray.

I decided to dig around a bit yesterday and was amazed to find lots of fat Euros in the upper tray, but not a single Red Worm! They seem to have done a decent job processing the lower bedding, but I definitely need to start adding food wastes more regularly to help the process along. I also noticed there was still a fair amount of dry sawdust, so I added some water to help improve conditions.

It will be interesting to see how things proceed from here. I think the sawdust will make an excellent partner bedding for the shredded cardboard. Perhaps if I get a bit more regular with my feeding schedule I will entice some of the Red Worms up into the second tray!

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