May 2014

Worm Inn Mega Re-Boot – Part I


Rather than putting together a monster update, I figured it would make more sense to break it into 2 or 3 parts instead.

Today I will be sharing information about the dismantling and cleaning out process.

Obviously, the first thing I needed to do was remove most of the material from the Mega. I`m not sure what the final weight was – but it was definitely HEAVY. Even if it was a weight I could have managed (very unlikely), just trying to maneuver the entire set-up would have undoubtedly resulted in the PVC stand falling apart.

I started by transferring ALL the (more…)

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Worm Bin Organisms

This is a look at some of the common organisms that can occur in worm composting systems (indoors and outdoors). I definitely didn’t include ALL the “common” ones – Black Soldier Fly Larvae, for example, can be very common in outdoor bins in warmer regions. But hopefully most of the main ones people wonder about are there.

You’ll notice (and perhaps be annoyed by) the fact that the video has no audio. I decided not to bother with music since I knew I couldn’t come close to pleasing everyone in that department – and adding narration would have needlessly delayed the release of the video.

Hopefully you will still find it interesting/helpful!

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Worm Inn Mega 2.0


It’s been a busy week, but I definitely wanted at least write a short post, letting everyone know that my dad and I built the new wooden stand for the Worm Inn Mega!

I was “happy” (and pleasanly surprised) with the PVC stand. I am ansolutely ECSTATIC about the new wooden stand! What a difference. Wow.

Don’t worry – I will definitely be writing a full post all about cleaning out the system, building the stand etc etc – but you’ll likely need to wait until sometime next week for that one.
Stay tuned!

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Worm Inn Mega – 05-14-14

Just wanted to share a quick Mega update. I’m sure some of you have been wondering how things are coming along with the system.

Today I decided to harvest some more vermicompost in an effort to clear out some more space. The system has been getting pretty full and heavy.

What’s funny is I ended up removing a concrete mixing tub full of vermicompost from the lower reaches of the Mega, yet it seemed like I hardly put a dent in the total amount of material that is down there.

The vermicompost I removed looks fantastic, save for some unprocessed materials that could easily be screened out. I did see some worms, but not a huge number of them.

The process of harvesting made me realize that it is definitely time for (more…)

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Worm Composting in a Compost Tumbler

Over the years, I’ve stayed pretty consistent with my views on the “proper” use of compost tumblers – and what that has amounted to is a firm recommendation NOT to use them as an actual worm bin. Instead, I have suggested that people use them to make “worm food”.

Maybe I’m softening in my old age, I dunno…but at any rate, I have decided to turn my own tumbler into a worm bed this year and see how it pans out! Now, right off the bat let me point out some important details. For starters, I am (more…)

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Vermi-Fertilization System – 05-06-14

Well, spring has finally, consistently “sprung”. It’s still unseasonably cool…but I’ll take what I can get!

Joking aside, it’s actually fantastic weather for composting worms. My outdoor systems are loaded with them! One such system is the “Vermi-Fertilization” bin I left in my raised bed garden over the winter.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect this spring given how cold and long the winter was this year – and how little I did to (more…)

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