December 2012

More Vermi-Humor

I recently announced the winner of the Vermi-Humor Challenge, but didn’t share the 2nd and 3rd place entries – or any of the ones I felt deserved an “honorary mention”. So that’s what I’d like to do today.

2nd Place – Marge T.

Be a Worm
(To the tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”)

If I could be some other creature
A worm is what I’d like to be
I’d always admired its feature
To wiggle where no none can see


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Gerry’s Winter VermBin96

I recently received an email from fellow Ontarian (a person who lives in Ontario, Canada), and long-time RWC follower, Gerry Magill. He wanted to share what he was doing with his new(ish) VermBin96 system – specifically, what he has built to help moderate temperatures during the hot summer and cold winter.

I was so excited by Gerry’s e-mail that I immediately asked him if he’d be ok with me sharing the info here on the site. He happily obliged, and even sent me some photos!

Here is what he had to say in his original message: (more…)

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The Beast-12-7-12

It’s been a few weeks since my last VermBin48 update. Things have continued on in much the same manner. I top up with lots of bedding, the level of material goes down (fairly quickly) and I add more bedding!

As many of you know by now I’m dealing with a bit of a scuttle fly situation in the bin, so I still haven’t been adding any real “food” materials. What I have added, though, is 20 lb of fall leaves (basically a big animal feed bag full) plus, as mentioned in another recent posts, the contents of my WF-360 Euro system.

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And the Vermi-Humor Winner is…

Alisa Glenn!

I finally got around to determining winners for two of our Vermivember 2012 (OH YES, I plan on doing it again! lol) contests – the “Vermi-Humor Challenge”, and the “Vermicomposting ‘HOW’ & ‘WHY'” contest (a private contest held via the Vermivember email list). I thought the submissions of our Vermi-Humor winner we SO cool that I decided to dedicate a post solely to them. The other winners, and honorable mentions will be included in another upcoming post (and similar for the other contest as well).

Aside from being a very talented cartoonist, what I really like about Alisa is (more…)

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Wooden Flow-Through Bin-12-04-12

This is definitely a delayed-posting, but I figured it was worth sharing nevertheless – just in case some of you are wondering what ended up happening with my small wooden flow-through bin.

Back towards the end of October I decided to (more…)

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Stacking Bin Euros-12-03-12

I wanted to share an important update on the Euros-in-a-stacking-bin front. Sadly, I’ve had to abandon this one early due to a rather challenging scuttle fly situation.

What it basically comes down to is the fact that I can’t take a chance on adding a second tray with a bunch more food in it. Even though I hardly fed the bin for the past few months, it was still loaded with scuttle fly cocoons. Adding food would be just be like adding gasoline to a fire that’s already blazing.

If I can’t even (effectively) test (more…)

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