June 2013

Vermi-Fertilization & Watering System

For years now I’ve had a wacky vermicomposting system design rattling around in my head – basically a submerged plastic garbage can (or something similar) with a lid and lots of holes in it. This was actually the “big idea” I had for dealing with all the food waste I was preparing to receive from a popular local restaurant back in the spring of 2008. If you want a synopsis of that backstory, be sure to check out: Vermicomposting Trenches Revisited.

Well, as it turns out, I DIDN’T end up trying this approach out back then. Instead I ended up stumbling (in a state of desperation! haha) on another important idea – the vermicomposting trench – something that has altered my own vermicomposting journey in a very big way!

Obviously, neither of these ideas were (more…)

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Sandbox Trench Excavation 2013

As some of you may recall, a couple of years ago I decided to remove a large quantity of material from my sandbox trench and basically start fresh. It was a really interesting experience, and I ended up with a large quantity of beautiful, rich “black gold”. I ended up using it as a sort of compost-mulch for my raspberry bed.

Earlier this week I decided to do it all over again, after noticing that the bed was no longer supporting nearly as many Red Worms (yet there were loads of soil worms), and that the material was looking very well processed and ready for use. I was also in need of some place – somewhat separated from the rest of my outdoor beds – where I could put material containing a LOT of Euro cocoons.

I put a lot of the material in my (more…)

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Worm Inn vs Plastic Bin – 06-02-13

It’s been nearly a month since my last “Worm Inn vs Plastic Bin Challenge” post (see below for links to all previous posts in this series). I haven’t really done anything else with these systems during that time. As I’ve discovered with this project (and in general with RWC projects), when I make things “too complicated” (for my simple mind, anyway – haha), inevitably I end up doing nothing!

In this case, the major issue is (more…)

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