February 2014

The Beast – 02-27-14

As touched on in my last “Beast” update, I decided that my VB48 system was in serious need of an overhaul. I thought I might get to it sometime in the spring, but turning it into a fun business project (also touched on last time) has motivated me to get going with it a fair bit sooner.

For one thing, there are plenty of people (more…)

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Seed Balls 2.0

It’s no secret that my recent introduction to the “seed balls” concept really has me fired up! While I’ve alluded to the fact that this goes beyond a simple interest in seed balls themselves (as cool as I think they are) – I have yet to explain where my kooky brain has gone from there. That’s what we’re going to look at today!

As someone who has had a lot of frustrating experiences with (more…)

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During my younger years, one of my geeky hobbies (among many) was growing tropical plants using seeds harvested from fruit my dad would bring home from the supermarket. I clearly remember having success with avacados, pomegranates, papaya, kiwis and dragon fruit – but I’m sure there were others as well.

Obviously – given my location (Ontario, Canada) – I didn’t have any chance of producing an actual fruit-bearing plant, but it was still a lot of fun getting weird things to grow! lol

I was reminded of this recently, thanks to (more…)

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Worm Inn Mega – 2-14-14

Everything has continued to move along beautifully with my Worm Inn Mega system!

I am happy to report that I have been adding ALL the compostable food scraps we are producing (not to mention loads of paper-waste bedding materials), as per my original plan. Not too surprisingly, the system seems to be handling everything just fine.

In my Jan 16th update I shared that I had only added about 30 lb of food waste up to that point (about 2-3 months after starting the system). Well, just to provide you with some perspective – since the time of that (Jan 16th) update – i.e. in one months time – I have already added ~ 42 more pounds of waste! So yeah, it’s safe to say I’ve picked up the pace a bit. lol

Today’s feeding was a bit different. I actually created something more like (more…)

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Seed Balls?

One of the great things about blogging over the years is that it has helped me meet a LOT of really cool/interesting people – people involved in a wide range of fascinating projects/businesses/hobbies etc. One such person is Dr. Blake Ketchum – a new Worm Inn Mega owner who just happened to share a link to her cool little website in a recent email:

What’s hilarious is that while I’d never even heard of seed balls prior to crossing paths with Blake, I’m now borderline-obsessed with the things! As you might guess, this is something that ties in very nicely with vermicomposting.

For those of you as new to this concept as I was a week ago (more…)

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The Beast – 02-07-14

For a second there, I thought my last VB48 update was in May 2013, but then I realized that I simply forgot to put the last one (“The Beast – 09-20-13“) in the VermBins blog category! lol

Not that September is much better!


As you might guess (me being me), my beautiful “beast” has mostly been neglected during the past 4 or 5 months. Since the “reboot” (discussed in the September post), I really haven’t added all that much in the way of “food”, especially not since starting (more…)

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