February 2019

2 Euro Challenge – 02-08-19

Back in the middle of January I wrote about the “Tiny Tub” system I had set up (earlier in Jan) for two “rescued” European Nightcrawlers.

Finding these Euros was very exciting since I was starting to think I didn’t have any of these worms left, and…well…two is all you need to start building a new population!

Today I decided to assess the situation, and then moved the Euros/cocoons/habitat material to a 1 gal bucket system I set up a couple of days ago (wanted to let it “brew” a little bit before adding the worms). I’m sure they would have continued to do fine in the yogurt tub, but I want to make absolutely sure I am providing them with enough space and food/habitat to really thrive. This also means I won’t need (more…)

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The Insurance Bin – One Year Later

I’ve known for a long time – largely thanks to all the bins I’ve neglected over the years (lol) – that a population of worms can be sustained on bedding alone for months on end. This by itself is pretty cool, since it means you really don’t need to try so hard to “take care of” the worms all the time (and in fact – too much of that “caring” can actually get you in trouble). But I saw even more potential in the form of what I’ve referred to as “Insurance Bins”.

The basic idea – set up a pretty typical (but usually smaller-sized) plastic tub worm bin with lots of bedding, a modest amount of food, and of course some worms (you don’t need a lot). Maybe feed it once or twice more before leaving it completely alone (other than maybe adding a bit more bedding here and there, maintaining moisture etc).

This type of completely-low-maintenance system – that should be kept indoors – ensures you will (more…)

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4 Worm Reproduction (2019) – Day 44

NOTE: This series was previously referred to as “(Red Worm) Cocoon Production in Different Materials”. As touched on in my last update, I decided to let the bins continue on, so now it’s more like my original “Four Worm Reproduction Experiment“.

I had planned to check on the bins a bit sooner than yesterday (Day 44), but in all honesty I do think it’s not a bad idea to limit the amount of disturbance as much as possible – especially now that there are tiny hatchlings involved.

As you may recall, my Day 21 update seemed to suggest that (more…)

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