February 2020

Mystery Composting Worms

Over the past few years I’ve started noticing a smaller worm consistently showing up in my (mainly outdoor) vermicomposting systems.

It has always been relatively easy to spot, and tell apart from my Red Worms. Aside from the smaller size, it has a pale body coloration, with a pronounced, creamy-yellow clitellum (obvious in worms that would be too small to be mature Reds). It has usually seemed quite inactive, regularly exibiting a funny “frozen”, curved appearance.

I never reallty found a lot of them at once. All in all, it seemed clear to me that they weren’t nearly as prolific – nor did they demonstrate remotely as much composting potential – as the Red Worms, so I didn’t give them much thought.

Until early 2020, that is!

For some strange reason (more…)

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Castings, Tea, Alfalfa Growth – Day 38

Strangely enough, it was exactly one month ago that I posted my last update for my castings & “tea” alfalfa growth experiment (funny how inspiration often strikes after nice, even time periods have passed – lol)*. Overall, the experiment hasn’t exactly been earth-shattering, but things have definitely been getting a bit more interesting over the past couple of weeks.

*NOTE: Day 38 was February 24th, 2020 when I first started putting this blog post together (and published the update video)

Just as a quick review – this is a pretty basic little look at the impact of worm castings and a liquid castings extract (I’m referring to as “tea”) on the growth of potted alfalfa plants. My other two treatments are (more…)

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Keyhole VermiGardening?

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock sometimes, I tell ya! I’ve written about all sorts of different “vermigardening” methods here on the blog.

Vermicomposting Trenches
Deep Mulch Vermigardening
Vermi-Lasagna Gardening
Hay Bale Vermigardening
Vermicomposting Planters
Worm Towers (and Variations)

Yet somehow the “Keyhole Garden” concept has remained off of my radar screen all these years…at least until RWC follower/customer Liane M recently clued me in, that is!

We had been having an interesting exchange about (more…)

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