July 2020

Basic In-Ground Bucket Worm Bin

As much as I love my “trench worm bins“, I realize a lot of people are looking for outdoor vermicomposting projects that are easier and to get up and running.

Even something like a buried plastic garbage can be pretty cumbersome, as I learned with my Vermi-Fertilization & Watering System.

The good news is that a bucket with some holes drilled in it is really all you need. Back in early June I decided to set one up to see how well it worked. I wanted to get it up and running as quickly as humanly possible – so I did cut some corners. (SPOILER ALERT: Everything has (more…)

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Super Simple Homemade Manure

The topic of “homemade manure” is something I’ve written about quite a few times here on the blog (and elsewhere) over the years. I’ve grown to appreciate the concept even more in 2020, since it’s been even more important to be resourceful (especially early in the season).

I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I last had a source of farmyard manure, and our own supply of compostable kitchen scraps always become a precious commodity as the season progresses and my worm herds grow.

If you are new to “homemade manure” (HMM), the basic idea is that we are taking readily available (for the average homeowner) materials and creating a manure substitute that composting worms love.

Here is an equation that helps to explain: (more…)

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Backyard Vermi-Filtration – 7-07-20

Last month I wrote about a new project I had started, involving the conversion of an old, leaky plastic rain barrel into a DIY greywater “vermi-filtration” system.

Since then I’ve written about some interesting materials I’ve been tossing in (will come back to this topic in a minute), and all the nutrient-rich wastewater I’ve been collecting (and putting to good use in other systems as well).

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one. Similar to a “vermiponics” bed I tend to think is might almost be a sort of “ultimate” system for Red worms. Always wet, yet likely even more oxygenated than many worm bins, plus plenty of microbial nutrition available.

Part of the fun is being able to push the envelope a bit in terms of (more…)

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