February 2013

Optimized Outdoor Vermicomposting with Euros

I had a recent email exchange with an RWC reader from the UK named Mick Poultney. He told me about a YouTube video featuring a short (but still 13+ minutes) segment of a show filmed by “The National Vegetable Society” (NVS). The NVS wanted to feature Mick in the program after they learned about his rapid vermicomposting approach. I can see why!

I watched the video and found it was really interesting – so I thought it would be valuable to share here.

Reminds me a lot of my own outdoor vermicomposting approach (but with a whole bunch more ingredients) – and just generally a great example of what I refer to as “optimized” vermicomposting!
(NOTE: It may be a bit challenging to understand what Mick is saying at times so be sure to turn up your volume)

*** UPDATE ***

I asked Mick for a list of his composting ingredients and he sent me the following image!

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Euros vs Reds Challenge 2.0

It’s been quite some time since my last RWC “experiment” (I use the term fairly loosely! lol), so I decided this was the week to get back in action! Rather than setting up something big and involved, I figure it makes a lot more sense to go with a K.I.S.S approach this time around!

As the title indicates, this is going to be a follow-up to my “Euros vs Reds Head to Head Challenge“. This time – rather than comparing populations in two separate systems (more…)

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Crazy Q&A Podcasts – Session #8

This is a somewhat shorter “Crazy Q&A”. As you’ll hear (if you listen), I’ve got a cold (a “man cold” according to my wife! lol), plus I actually came to the end of my current list of questions! Don’t worry – still lots more written down elsewhere.

Today’s Topics

– Marketing “worm poop”
– Periodic mass-migration of Red Worms
– “Hybrid” worms revisited
– Mites!!!
– Goat poop and fire ants
– Using a Worm Factory outdoors in Florida
– Best system for Kansas weather extremes
– Feeding the worms poisonous plants
– Do I need to worry about rats?

Resources Mentioned
Fighting Fire with Fire – Larry Torches Fire Ants

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Larry’s Worm Inn – Part I

My good friend, Larry “Garbage Guru” Duke shared his new YouTube video with me this past weekend. It seems he has started his own fun Worm Inn experiment!

Just seeing Larry back in (vermicomposting) action again is great – but having him start a Worm Inn project is extra fun since I’ve been missing my “Worm Inn Journal” series here on the blog. As you may or may not recall, I decided to take down my own Inn prior to setting up “The Beast” (my VB48) down in the basement (only so much room for vermicomposting systems, unfortunately).

To make things interesting, Larry has added a small tub of “bait worms” (he found sitting on a bank of the Suwanee River in GA). Luckily they also happen to be composting worms – specifically, Red Worms and Blue Worms.

Should be interesting to see how quickly the worms populate his system!

P.S. THANKS very much to Larry for the RWC mention at the end of the video! (that’s just the kinda guy he is)

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The Beast – 02-01-13

I’m sure some of you must be wondering how things are progressing with my VermBin48. It’s been a few weeks since my last update (which was not even technically a “Beast” update).

I haven’t really done all that much with the bin in the meantime (wanted to let it mellow out for a while), but I’ve reached a couple of important conclusions nevertheless:

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