October 2014

Worms Love Pumpkins

Happy Halloween Everyone!

You know you’re a Worm Head when you find yourself more excited about all the pumpkin “guts” you’re going to have for your worms, than you are about eating left-over treats (or pinching them from the bags of unsuspecting children who love and trust you – lol).

And trust me…Mr. Sweet Tooth here is EXCITED ABOUT THE TREATS!!

While I likely won’t be driving around nabbing pumpkins from local curbsides this season, I should still end up with a fair amount of tasty worm food just from all the pumpkins we bought this year – not to mention all the leftover squash from this year’s garden (reminds me I need to write a post about that)!

I will more than likely freeze the “guts” then add most of them to my (more…)

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Worm Inn Mega – 10-31-14

Things have continued to cruise along with my Worm Inn Mega system.

I have ramped up my feeding – eg. I added more than 18 lb of kitchen scraps just this week – yet the level just keeps dropping back down. Our total is now just over 130 lb.

I know that probably doesn’t sound all that impressive – but if you consider the weight/volume of the aged manure and bedding that has also gone into the system (definitely starting to think I should measure these moving forward), it’s none too shabby!

With my last feeding I added some of the aged grass clippings I recently acquired. The results weren’t quite as impressive as I expected.

Initially, the worms didn’t seem interested in moving into the material at all (certainly NOTHING like the results of adding aged manure). Just served to remind me that this can be a somewhat tricky material to work with in general.

I will more than likely be using the rest of my clippings as a cover material for outdoor beds – there it will serve as an excellent cold-weather insulator and gradual food source.

On a related front…late last week I built a wooden stand for one of my regular Worm Inns. It was based on the same design as Blake Ketchum’s Worm Inn Mega stand (with somewhat different dimensions of course). I’ll be sure to write about that next week. I will also add the info to the Mega Stand PDF.

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Worm Inn Q&A

I’ve received a LOT of great questions about Worm Inns over the years – yet strangely, I’ve never created any sort of FAQ page…not until now that is!

This will definitely be a “work-in-progress”. I’m sure I will think of other questions – and I strongly encourage you to submit any additional questions you have as well (simply email me with the subject line “Worm Inn Question(s)”).


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Worm Inn Mega – 10-21-14

I wanted to show everyone how everything has settled down in my Worm Inn Mega since my recent harvesting session and (knowing a photo wouldn’t do it justice) decided to shoot a video. The timing of this video was quite good actually, since it allowed me to demonstrate my handy dandy method for getting rid of flying pests inside a Worm Inn.

As I explain in the video, one of the “negatives” of using manures in indoor systems is that you can end up with (more…)

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Old Grass Clippings & Thatch as Worm Food

Right next to my son’s daycare center there is a lawn bowling club. For quite a few months there has been a big heap of old grass clippings and thatch sitting up against the fence in one corner. It has been rare for me to walk past and NOT think about how that would serve as a great worm food or “living material”. (You know you’re a “Worm-Head” when…lol)

This morning I happened to notice my friend Theo – who volunteers at the club – milling about, so I asked if they had any plans for the material (letting him know I’d be more than happy to take it off their hands). Not only did he say I was more than welcome to it, but he even offered to load it into his trailer and then drop it off at my house.


So now I have what looks to be more than 1 cubic yard of the stuff sitting on my driveway. The material will be great for covering my outdoor beds – but I also want to test it out in my Mega. My hunch is that the worms will go gaga for it once it’s sufficiently moistened.

Stay tuned!

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Ria’s Mighty Mega Sale

Last night I was chatting – via the RWC Facebook Group – with Larry Shier and Ria Tjiong (who recently inspired me to start up an experimental bucket vermicomposting system).

Long story short, Ria expressed her interest in the Worm Inn Mega, and suggested that I hold a “Boxing Day Sale” so she could buy one then.

“Good idea”, I thought (and wrote in response). But I figured there was no need to wait THAT long!

My “Mighty” adjective may be marginally misleading (I’m a sucker for alliteration – what can I say? lol)…BUT, if you HAVE been thinking about purchasing a Mega, for the next 7 days you can do so and enjoy a $20 discount when you use the coupon code “RIA-MEGA” (no quotes) on the checkout page.

Here’s a link in case you need it: The Worm Inn – Continuous Flow Vermicomposting System

Thanks, Ria! And thanks in advance to those of you who decide to grabba Mega!

P.S. Don’t forget the use the coupon code – and remember this all ends next Friday!

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The Mystery Mega Man

Two Megas, one “regular” Worm Inn, LOTS of other systems – believe it or not, our “Mystery Man” still has 3 MORE Megas yet to set up!

Back at the end of August, someone got in touch with me (via my Canadian business) asking if I could sell him 4 Worm Inn Megas. Needless to say, this made me sit up and take notice pretty quickly!

It’s not every day someone is THAT serious about vermicomposting (and yes, it makes my life easier when revenue is a ‘flowin’! lol)!

What hilarious is that I failed to put two and two together…failed to realize that he was the same person who had ordered a Mega from me already (via Red Worm Composting – he lived close to the border and just picked it up in the States)! He was happy to clue me in, and – upon request – to share some information about WHAT ON EARTH HE WAS DOING!

He even said “yes”, when I begged him to (more…)

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